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Second-Hand Rose Appraisal and Personal Property Liquidation Company is an LLC owned and operated by V.E. Taylor Smith, CAGA Certified Appraiser (member in good standing) located in St. Joseph, MO.  The Company is licensed by the State of Missouri, Buchanan County and the City of St. Joseph.  Property liquidation sales are usually confined to the greater St. Joseph and Savannah areas due to the fuel expense factor connected with such sales.

Appraisals: Work by contract only. We come to your home, evaluate what you have for sale, and give you a price for the appraisal. This price is included on the contract and will never be higher.
Appraisal References: Patee House Museum; Gore Museum; Jerry Morris

Estate Sales: Work by contract only. Once a contract is signed, the client’s work is done. Second-hand Rose handles the sale from beginning to end.
Estate Sale References available upon request.

The staff of Second-Hand Rose consists of 8 associates with 125 years cumulative experience in the following areas: CAGA personal property appraising; Missouri auctioneering service; researching techniques; St. Joseph Memorabilia; agricultural equipment buying/selling/repairing; retro and modern room decor; home collectibles & kitchen wares; vintage & antique furniture & jewelry; Cocoa Cola & Asian collectibles; small business rules/laws and legal requirements.

SECOND HAND ROSE LLC is bonded and a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and the American Society of Estate Liquidators (ASEL)

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Sale includes some items from former owners of an antique shop.– MAY 16 AND 17

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Items From Past Sales
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